Ziaja Kids Toothpaste – Cookies & Vanilla Ice Cream



Fluorine toothpaste for milk teeth, first molars and new permanent teeth.
Contains 0,15% of fluorine – an amount adjusted to the needs of children aged 6 years and older.
Provides protection against decay.
Natural silica cleanses teeth very gently.
The flavor of cookies and vanilla ice cream makes daily tooth brushing more enjoyable.

preservatives free
colorants free

Age recommendation
For children aged 6 years and older

Directions for use
Use at least twice a day a pea-size amount of toothpaste.
Children under 6 years old should be supervised by adults while dosing and brushing to minimize the risk of swallowing.
Consult with pediatricians or dentists in case your child receives fluoride from other sources.

Active ingredients
Colloidal silica, fluorine

50 ml