Ziaja Baltic Home Spa Shower Gel



Vegan-friendly formula

Gentle cleansing formula protects the skins natural microbiome.
Contains natural nourishing ingredients like almond oil and coconut glucosides.
Rinses off easily to leave your body feeling cleansed and relaxed.
Whips up to a lovely light lather to wash away stress and impurities.
Has an uplifting coconut-almond scent.

Leaves skin feeling cleansed, smooth, and seriously hydrated.

Skin type
Dehydrated, dry, normal skin

Directions for use
Apply the gel on wet skin, rinse after washing.

Active ingredients

almond oil
100% natural ingredient, cold-pressed oil obtained from sweet almonds.
A valuable source of vitamins and minerals conditions and smooths the skin.

coconut glucosides

500 ml