Ziaja Jeju Young Skin Cleansing & Smoothing Black Face Mask



Jeju young skin range

Designed for special needs of young skin.
Helps to eliminate skin imperfections.
Refreshes the skin, soothes irritations and redness.
Contains active ingredients of plant origin.
Carefully selected fruit and herbal notes provide a pleasant fragrance on the skin.

Black cleansing mask with high (1%) carbon content.
Thick, gel consistency facilitates application.
After application, it partially ”freezes ”on the skin.


Removes impurities and regulates excess sebum.
Soothes and moisturises the skin.
Cleanses the pores.
Cares for acne skin.

Smoothed and clean skin.
Feeling of fresh, well-groomed skin without the impression of “tightening”.
Less skin imperfections.

Skin type

Acne prone skin, oily skin, combination skin

Directions for use

Apply evenly over the face. Avoid eye area.
After 10-15 minutes remove the mask with cotton pads and gently cleanse the skin with lukewarm water.
Use 1-2 times a week.

Active ingredients
Japanese camellia oil – light, cold extruded oil with soothing and moisturising properties
cistus extract – soothes the symptoms of acne
natural salicylates – gained from bark layer of Quaking Aspen tree
binchotan charcoal – removes impurities and excessive sebum
brahmi, kaolin


50 ml