Ziaja Baltic Home Spa Moisturising & Oxygenating Face Cream



Vegan-friendly formula

Outstanding light formula moisturiser, perfect as make-up base.
Contains ocean algae protecting against: free radicals, oxidative stress & blue light.
Innovative, modern formula with HEV blue light protection.
HEV light (blue light) is emitted not only by sun, but especially by electronic devices.
Actively moisturises and smooths out wrinkles.
Improves the skin tone.
A must-have for woman who spends hours in front of the computer or smartphone.
Beautifully perfumed with energising mango scent.

an absolute hit for every modern woman

Skin type

All skin types

Directions for use
Gently massage into the skin. May be used as make-up base.
Can be use as often as needed during the day.

Active ingredients

hyaluronic acid
helps to hydrate the skin and maintain this hydration as a humectant
has antioxidants properties
smooths out wrinkles

illipe butter
obtained from the seeds of the Shorea stenoptera tree growing on the island of Borneo
rich source of fatty acids, moisturises and softens the skin

oceanic algae Himanthalia elongate (Tongweed)
has a broad spectrum of protection against: free radicals, oxidative stress & blue light
provides smoothing, moisturising and skin cells stimulating activity

vitamin E, C
protect from free radicals damage
have antioxidation activity and prevents photodamage

50 ml