Ziaja Jeju Young Skin Cleansing & Moisturising Shampoo



Jeju young skin range
Designed for special needs of young skin.
Well-selected formulations aiming at cleansing, anti-seborrhoea, antibacterial, moisturising effects.
Helps to eliminate skin imperfections.
Refreshes the skin, soothes irritations and redness.
Contains active ingredients of plant origin.
Jeju products in pink colour have sweet and refreshing fragrance of exotic fruits – mango, coconut and papaya.

Jeju cleansing & moisturising shampoo
Semi-transparent shampoo for everyday use.

Creates rich foam.
Does not contain silicones.
Contains hair smoothing inulin.
Recommended for oily hair.
Vegan formula.
May be used daily.

Effectively cleanses the scalp and hair.
Reduces oily hair.
Moisturises and smooths hair.
Leaves hair light and refreshed.

Fresh and clean hair and scalp.
Moisturised and soft hair.
Hair more prone to styling.

Hair type
Oily hair

Directions for use
Apply on damp hair and massage till foam is created. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

Active ingredients
camellia oil from Korean Jeju Island – light, cold extruded oil with soothing and moisturising properties
cistus extract – supports the fight against dandruff and excessive greasy hair
natural salicylates – gained from bark layer of Quaking Aspen tree
betaine- increases the volume of foam

300 ml