Ziaja Baltic Home Spa Moisturising & Lifting Face Cream



Vegan-friendly formula

Actively moisturises, tones and gives a visible lifting effect.
Leaves skin feeling soft without being weighed down.
Light formula which absorbs quickly.
Reduces and smooths wrinkles.
Contains ocean algae with proven protection against: free radicals, oxidative stress, blue light (HEV Light).
Suitable for daytime face care and can reapplied during the day (layered skin care).
Perfect under make-up.
Has an elegant, luxurious almond scent.

A must-have every day moisturiser for a modern woman.

Skin type
All skin types, also dehydrated and dry skin

Directions for use
Gently massage the cream into the skin. Avoid the eye area.
Suitable for make-up. May be reapplied during the day.

Active ingredients

sweet almond proteins
Simple proteins built of amino-acids alone, and found closely related to fibrin and keratin.
Form a protective film over the skin, increase skin firmness and have a visibly lifting effect.
Strengthen the skin structure and accelerate the regeneration processes.

alginic acid
Derived from brown algae, has anti-aging, moisturizing and antioxidant effects.

liquid shea butter

Light and dry to the touch emollient, a rich source of vitamins A and E that delay skin ageing processes.

coconut-cocoa emollients
100% natural ingredient, moisturises and nourishes the skin.
Due to the high content of fatty acids, it accelerates the natural renewal of the skin.
Soothes irritations and effectively smooths the skin.

oceanic algae Himanthalya elongata
Brown alga occurring mainly in the Atlantic Ocean.
Enriched with fucosterol with antioxidant properties.
Has a proven anti-wrinkle effect, protects against photoageing.
Protects collagen, promotes elastin synthesis and protects against HEV blue light.

50 ml