Ziaja Goat’s Milk Shampoo with Keratin



Strengthening and smoothing shampoo for professional care of dry, damaged and dull hair.
Gently but effectively cleanses hair and scalp.
Has regenerating and nourishing properties.
Contains keratin, the primary constituent of hair, and goat’s milk proteins.
These active ingredients rebuild disturbed hair structure, improve their flexibility and prevent from brittleness.
Gives natural volume to the hair.
Facilitates combing and styling.
Leaves hair soft and smooth.

Hair type
Dry hair, damaged hair, dull and matt hair

Directions for use
Apply shampoo on the hair and massage till foam is created.
Rinse out thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.
Complete the strengthening-smoothing treatment with Ziaja Goat’s Milk hair conditioner and hair mask.

Active ingredients
Fitokeratin, goat’s milk complex

400 ml