Ziaja Baltic Home Spa Massage Oil



Vegan-friendly formula

Massage oil for daily body care and relaxation.
Gently oils and the skin.
Smooths and softens the epidermis.
Visibly beautifies as it is gradually absorbed into the skin.
Suitable for classic and relaxing massage.

Skin type
Dehydrated, dry, normal skin

Directions for use
Apply a small amount of the olive to clean and dry skin.
Spread and massage gently until absorbed.

Active ingredients

almond oil
100% natural ingredient, cold-pressed oil obtained from sweet almonds.
A valuable source of vitamins and minerals conditions and smooths the skin.

coconut emollient

100% natural ingredient, moisturises and nourishes the skin.
Due to the high content of fatty acids, it accelerates the natural renewal of the skin.
Soothes irritations and effectively smooths the skin.


490 ml