Ziaja Jeju Young Skin Natural Tone Fluid



Jeju young skin range

Designed for special needs of young skin.
Helps to eliminate skin imperfections.
Refreshes the skin, soothes irritations and redness.
Contains active ingredients of plant origin.
Carefully selected fruit and herbal notes provide a pleasant fragrance on the skin.

A delicate, natural tone fluid for young skin imperfections.
Has covering properties.
Does not give the “mask” effect.
Spreads well and absorbs quickly.
Do not clog the pores of the skin.
Delicately scented with refreshing notes of peppermint, pomegranate & blackcurrant.

Evens out skin tone.
Hides young skin imperfections.
Soothes skin irritation and redness.
Moisturises and soothes.

Perfectly natural nude make-up –the impression that it is invisible at first glance.
Natural-looking, healthy and radiant skin.
Even skin tone with no hints of imperfections.

Skin type
Acne prone skin, oily skin, combination skin

Directions for use
Apply over face, gently pat in. Avoid eye area.
Repeat the application during the day if necessary.

Active ingredients

Japanese camellia oil – light, cold extruded oil with soothing and moisturising properties
cistus extract – soothes the symptoms of acne
brahmi – soothes and protects from irritations
a plant derivative of glycine amino acid – provides deep moisturaisation

30 ml