Whey Protein Complex



WHEY PROTEIN COMPLEX 100% is a specially developed protein matrix – ultrafiltrated WPC instant whey protein concentrate and the technologically advanced WPI-CFM whey protein isolate in the instant form.

The CFM isolate and whey protein concentrates as used in the Whey Protein Complex 100% are characterized by the highest nutritional value and anabolic activity of all food proteins. Acquired in advanced technological processes, they retain the full structure and activity of functional whey proteins and growth factors – beta lactoglobulin, alpha lactalbumin, immunoglobulins, plasma albumin, lactoferrin, lactotransferrin, ceruloplasmin, phosphoglycoproteins, proteoses and peptones. High nutritional value and anabolic activity make the isolated and concentrated whey proteins the most valuable source of dietary protein for professional athletes and physically active people. They owe their high nutritional value to excellent digestibility and optimal proportions of exogenous and endogenous amino acids with an extremely high share of branched chain amino acids (BCAA), sulfuric acids and glutamine. Apart from the high nutritional value, the metabolic properties of whole whey proteins and those resulting from their transformation of peptides and micropeptides influence the high anabolic activity. These substances work similar to peptide anabolic growth factors. They facilitate the transport of amino acids to muscle cells and stimulate anabolism. They form an antioxidant barrier that prevents the degradation of muscle proteins by free oxygen radicals. They stabilize lysosomes and inhibit the activity of catabolic lysosomal enzymes. They strengthen circulatory, nervous and immune systems.


On average, take 1-3 servings a day – after waking up, between meals, after training and at bedtime. 1 part of the preparation (35 g – 96 units of Olimp scoops or 5.5 flat tablespoons) dissolve in 150 ml of water.

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