Trec Nutrition Isolate 100 – 1500g


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Isolate 100 contains 100% CFM whey protein isolate, which is characterized by a record biological value (BV 159), absorption rate and the content of BCAA and L-glutamine amino acids . ISOLATE100 intensively stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins, contributing to the rapid increase in their mass. The product supplements the diet with the highest-class proteins, free from fat and sugar , necessary to build a muscular figure without the risk of unnecessary fat gain.

Isolate 100 is a top-class nutrient entirely based on the elite CFM whey protein isolate . This raw material is considered to be the most perfect and valuable source of proteins used in supplementing a sports diet. Isolate 100 provides the highest quality, quickly absorbed building ingredients that stimulate the growth and regeneration of muscle fibers. Whey protein isolate is characterized by an exemplary content of the most important amino acids with anabolic effect and active micro-peptides. The use of a unique production technology allows for a record high concentration of proteins and the highest degree of purity.As a result, this protein is practically completely free from undesirable components that could reduce its nutritional value.

Isolate 100 is by far the best way to supplement protein , allowing you to constantly develop the most important exercise characteristics. Whey protein isolate particularly strongly stimulates anabolic processes. The rate of absorption and the record leucine content stimulate the secretion of anabolic hormones (including insulin ) and support the synthesis of muscle proteins much stronger than other popular protein sources. The preparation also includes ingredients specific only to this source of protein . Whey isolate contains numerous peptides (short fragments of the protein chain) with various activities. The latest scientific research confirms, among others andch ability to increase blood flow rate in blood vessels and stimulate immune processes.

Recommended consumption / preparation method:

Dissolve a single serving of the product – 30 g (1.5 scoops) in 200 ml of water or milk, using a shaker or a mixer.
Use 3 servings a day.

TREC ISOLATE 100 – 1500G
Portion: 30 g
Number of servings in the package: 50
Package: 1500 g
Net weight: 1500.00 g
Nutritional Value / Nutritional Information: 30 g % RDA * 100 g % RDA *
Energy Value (energy) 452 kJ / 107 kcal 5% 1507 kJ / 355 kcal 18%
Fat 0.1 g 0% 0.3 g 0%
including saturated fatty acids 0.0 g 0% 0.1 g 1%
Carbohydrates 0.8 g 0% 2.5 g 1%
including sugars 0.1 g 0% 0.4 g 0%
Protein 25.7 g 51% 85.5 g 171%
salt 0.3 g 5% 1.1 g 18%
CFM whey protein isolate 27.5 g 91.7 g
The nutritional values ​​are given for the product with a chocolate-strawberry flavor. They may differ depending on the chosen flavor version.

Ingredients (for the chocolate-strawberry flavor product): CFM whey protein isolate [from milk ] (91.7%), cocoa powder (for the chocolate-chocolate-strawberry and chocolate-mint flavored product), thickener (sodium salt carboxymethylcellulose), aromas, emulsifier (lecithins), sweetener (sucralose), color (beta-carotene – for a cream-vanilla flavor product).

The product may contain soy, cereals containing gluten, eggs, peanuts and nuts.

*% Nutrient Reference Value