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Animal Cuts has become a sales leader in thermogenic due to its composition, effectiveness and complete formula to reduce the percentage of fat, with 8 complexes and 30 active principles!

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts is probably one of the most complete “fat burners” on the market, formulated with quality natural ingredients and in an optimal concentration to help reduce body fat and promote its use as an energy source.

This Thermogenic is aimed at athletes who want to keep their optimal levels of body fat and lean mass under control, without having to resort to several supplements. Animal Cuts offers all these benefits in a single pack!

Mode of use:
It is recommended to take 2 packs a day for 3 consecutive weeks, 1 pack when waking up and the other 4 and 6 hours later. Make cycles of 3 consecutive weeks, interspersed with 1 week of rest.


42 Servings


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