Citrulline Synergy by Trec is a supplement that combines citrulline and citrulline malate, thanks to which it affects you even more fully. Thanks to it, you will improve your results in sports, increase your strength and endurance, and also achieve a pump effect

It contains two types of citrulline
Perfect during intense exercise
Supports the production of nitric oxide
It will help you achieve better results in sports
Citrulline is extremely useful for people who lead an active lifestyle. It is a precursor of arginine, which is responsible for the synthesis of nitric oxide. It is nitrogen that is responsible for obtaining a muscle pump, increasing strength and endurance. Many athletes appreciate it because it delays the effect of fatigue, so they can train longer than before. In the dietary supplement from Trec, a combination of citrulline and citrulline malate was used for better performance.

The product from Trec provides your body with support during exercise. The use of citrulline causes that training-induced fatigue comes later than before. Due to the fact that it is a precursor to arginine, it also promotes the production of nitric oxide. And he improves blood flow and also improves the oxidation process in the mitochondria. Thanks to which your workouts will bring better results.

Directions for use: Dissolve a single serving of the product – 3g (0.5 scoops) in 300ml of water. Use two servings a day.

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