S.A.W – 400g – Cherry-Grapefruit TREC



S.A.W. is an ultra-concentrated pre-training formula for professionals. The preparation has a strong anabolic effect and drastically increases the volume of working muscles. S.A.W. provides them with additional oxygenation, nourishment, and an impulse to grow. The unique complex of Beta-Alanine and active neuro stimulants improves endurance and concentration and increases the body’s energy resources. The preparation prevents premature fatigue and excessive acidification of tissues. S.A.W. supports the building of muscle strength and mass and also improves performance during heavy physical exertion.

Do you want to improve your training results? Are you wondering how to do it? Have you tried everything and still not achieved satisfactory results? Does your training resemble an unequal fight against your own weaknesses? You can’t concentrate and your muscles are burning? Each subsequent move literally makes you “howl in pain”? Have you tried various pre-training stacks, but have you ever wondered why they don’t work as “advertised”? The powder hidden inside a large, colorful can did not help you build strength and extra pounds of muscle, as you expected? The mysterious mixture of exotic herbs and pseudo-innovative carbohydrates does not work and makes you feel strange and fat? You need SUPER



If you are serious about your sport, you need to think about supplementation in the same way. Professional training requires the use of professional products! Regardless of whether you are a bodybuilder, fighter, or strongman, your muscles need the same ingredients to continuously generate power and energy! Only proven and safe substances will help you achieve success in any sports discipline. Do not experiment on your body using complex and not always safe combinations of little-known and poorly studied ingredients. Leave the experiments to the scientists! Are you looking for a good pre-training product? Check how many active ingredients it actually has, because they will help you increase your exercise capacity! Do not pay for unnecessary fillers and for “advanced” creatine transport systems or amino acids, which in fact turn out to be ordinary, simple sugar! Remember! It is the degree of concentration of the product and the correct selection of active ingredients and their appropriate doses, and not the size of the package, that translates into the final effect of supplementation!


Do you want your muscles to be bigger and stronger, and your movements faster, stronger and more precise? Do you want to face your weaknesses and make the most of your body’s potential? Try S.A.W. – the strongest pre-training stack ever created in TREC NUTRITION laboratories. Sharpen your senses! Feel the incredible surge of energy and open yourself to a completely new training experience. From now on, your brain will have absolute control over the work of your muscles! Take your exercises to the highest intensity level you haven’t even thought about before. Convert your regular workout to a SUPER ANABOLIC WORKOUT!


S.A.W. is a formula combining only tested, safe and effective active substances that will help you overcome training stagnation after the first use. The extremely high concentration of active ingredients gives pre-training supplementation a completely new dimension. S.A.W. is the pure essence of support – a product free from unnecessary sugars, additives, and fillers. The stunningly high degree of concentration (nearly 96% of the formulation formula are active substances) and the highest-quality raw materials mean that each 5 g scoop of the preparation has enormous anabolic and ergogenic potential. The synergistic ingredients of the product drastically increase the body’s ability to work under heavy loads. Thanks to which you can not only train longer and more intensively but also your effort will bring much better results. Activating the main anabolic pathways, the formula of the preparation will help you quickly build high-quality muscles capable of taking hard work without the risk of unnecessary fat gain.


SUPER Pump Vasodilators

An advanced matrix of extremely powerful nitric oxide (NO) boosters, the operation of which has been repeatedly confirmed in scientific research. Appropriate doses of Alpha-Ketoglutarate and L-Arginine Malate in combination with Citrulline Malate rapidly increase the synthesis of NO in the body. To maximize the potential of these ingredients, ViNitrox ™ was added to the product – a patented apple and grape extract. It contains natural plant polyphenols that activate the enzyme that supervises the production of nitric oxide in the body. As a result, its efficiency is increased, more NO is produced and its activity is extended.

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