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BSN® TRUE-MASS, a phenomenal mass winner, Day-Night (AM-PM) formula. Contains an ultra-potent protein specifically designed to help you improve and enhance caloric intake, thereby improving muscle mass and blood amino acid levels. Optimally improves muscle protein synthesis, or anabolism (creation of new muscle tissue). It improves the rapid recovery and repair of damaged muscle tissue due to intense exercise sessions and will provide more glycogen, from the carbohydrates it contains. TRUE-MASS is rich in BCAAs or branched-chain amino acids and non-essential amino acids, both variants being in amounts that maximize muscle gain. In terms of taste, BSN researchers have paid close attention to advanced flavor-enhancing technology, making it one of the best-tasting mass winners on the market. TRUE-MASS has a patented protein blend consisting of A blend of highly alpha-Lacto albumin-rich whey protein concentrate. Isolated whey protein microfiltered into isolated peptide fractions. Egg albumin. Calcium caseinate. Milk protein concentrate. This protein combination provides the muscle building blocks (amino acids) for 7 continuous hours… making you never stop growing! It is the only mass winner that will provide you with 252 gr of carbohydrates per serving, plus 50 gr of protein, vitamins and minerals, creatine, and glutamine. Its formulation is especially thought and designed for people who want to have a high level of sports performance. Instructions for use: Take 1 shake of 2 cups after training, and another shake of 2 cups throughout the day. Also take it on days when you do not train, 1 two-bucket shake in the morning and another two-bucket shake in the afternoon.


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