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TCM Mega Caps® contains 100% Creatine Malate (Tricreatine malate), a molecule that attaches the Creatine molecule to the Malate molecule. Jabłaczan as a glucose metabolite belonging to the hydroxy carboxylic acid group stimulates insulin and excellently supports the transport and uptake of creatine by muscle cells in both resting and exercise metabolism.

Creatine malate is a form of creatine, better soluble and digestible, longer stored and more effectively converted into active phosphocreatine than traditional creatine supplements. Creatine consumption contributes to the increase of physical fitness during short-term, repetitive exercises of high intensity (the effect relates to consumption of 3 g per day).

TCM Mega Caps® keratin is much more soluble in water than a traditional monohydrate, and solubility is of great importance for the absorption process, because the body takes from the digestive tract only what remains in the dissolved state.


4 capsules twice a day

Weight N/A

400 Capsules


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